DIY Smart Mirror (that doesn't steam up!)

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In this video I'll be showing you how to make a smart mirror that you can watch ARworlds videos in, AND it will never steam up! Also, visit to get your shaving starter set for just $3!

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Mini Speakers:

Mini Amplifier: (use only if powering more than 5 speakers for each channel)
Slim USB-C power bank:
USB-C Power Board:
eBay US:
eBay UK:

Recommended Screen + Display Adapter:
eBay US:
eBay UK:

More info about using laptop screens:
Speaker wiring note: All speakers have a resistance, called Ohm. If a speaker has 8ohms, and you wire 6 of them up in series, the resistance will be 48ohms (6 x 8 = 48), which is too much for an amplifier. Wiring them in parallel results in 1.4Ohms (8 / 6 = 1.333) which is too little for the amplifier. So, what I did was divide the 6 speakers into 3 sets of 2, and wire each set of 2 together in series for 16ohm. I then connected these 3 16ohm sets in parallel to result in an overall resistance of 5.4Ohms, which should be within a typical expected range for an amplifier (4 to 8 ohms).

  • Something is always wrong with the shirts he wears

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  • Hi , I’m new to this channel, I want to know is the glass first than another black glass before the laptop screen?thanks for the video

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  • How long did it take you to rig all those clothespegs up though?

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  • Just get one of those heated mirrors and a phone holder

    Ben WarnerBen Warner7 أيام قبل
  • But how does the screen stay dry if you fill it up with hot water and could it be build so it is connected to my hotwater outled in the shower so it gets filled with the water that i use to shower...

    Samsung EmployeeSamsung Employee8 أيام قبل
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  • In the UK you'd need an electrician to sign off this electrical installation in a bathroom..

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  • Can tablet screens be reused like laptop screens?

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  • Smart mirrors, usual That doesn’t steam up: 👄👁👄

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  • 2:00 that is exactly the same model as i have

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  • "have you ever had a very specific situation and question? neither have I but here's the answer" this is the correct energy ARworlds needs

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  • Love it.... at the Grand Floridian they have smart mirrors in the DVC rooms. Ever since then I have wanted to make one. I have been holding on to my original surface with the idea of using this or have another screen that is not touch screen that is much larger but extremely thin led. Was thinking tv/ framed mirror in the bedroom. Great inspiration

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  • Step 1: build frame Step 2: get mirror Step 3: Shave mirror

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  • Can't you just coat the mirror with Rain X like once a year and save all that warm water? Other hacks include shaving cream, etc....

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  • Funny. You got the same Panda panel I extracted from a broken laptop 🤓

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  • i hope you can receive orders for that kind of stuff because i am sure that i am not able to do it by myself no matter how much detailed is the video or how much efford i will put to make it.

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  • In Modern Living Room Everyone Using "SoundProof Curtains" That Stops Outside Noise by 80% (25 Db) Tested. Check Here:

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