Building the World's Weirdest Fan

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I'm in an experimental mood and thought I'd try building a modern bellows system! Will it work? Let's find out! Also, head to to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain using offer code PERKS
I hope you guys enjoyed this crazy build! It's been a wild journey trying to get this video released - firstly with the delays caused by the ideas that didn't work, and then ultimately by a HARD DRIVE FAILURE! Literally ALL the footage in this video was lost, and it was only thanks to some great data recovery fellows that you're seeing this at all. Backup system implemented now, fyi ;) because of these delays, this is actually quite an old video now (like 1 year) but I'm glad it's able to see the light of day as I think the final result is SUPER COOL! In hind sight I may not have started this project of perseverance, but it taught me such a lot in terms of which projects to make to show you guys and how experimental I can ultimately risk being. I know that basically none of you will make this, but the methodology ultimately settled upon is interesting and might have many more use cases. Either way it makes for interesting watching, so I hope you all enjoy it! ~Matt

  • I hope you guys enjoyed this crazy build! It's been a wild journey trying to get this video released - firstly with the delays caused by the ideas that didn't work, and then ultimately by a HARD DRIVE FAILURE! Literally ALL the footage in this video was lost, and it was only thanks to some great data recovery fellows that you're seeing this at all. Backup system implemented now, fyi ;) because of these delays, this is actually quite an old video now (like 1 year) but I'm glad it's able to see the light of day as I think the final result is SUPER COOL! In hind sight I may not have started this project of perseverance, but it taught me such a lot in terms of which projects to make to show you guys and how experimental I can ultimately risk being. I know that basically none of you will make this, but the methodology ultimately settled upon is interesting and might have many more use cases. Either way it makes for interesting watching, so I hope you all enjoy it! ~Matt FAQs: How much power does the final unit use? A: About 10w at full tilt, which is pretty efficient! Why is it so big? A: Just needed to make it large so that it moves enough air to be useful. Ask away if you have any more questions :)

    DIY PerksDIY Perks11 أشهر قبل
    • Why don't you try to put a pc inside it? It could be a super efficient way of cooling.

      E SharkE Shark16 أيام قبل
    • If you attach two open ended larger rectangular boxes to either ends it should help create a venturi effect. Which I assume would allow the centre panel to move faster.

      Me NobodyMe Nobody17 أيام قبل
    • 1. How much power do you need for the 4 fans compared to the bellow (10 W)? 2. If your bellow just goes sideways, won’t suck the air it just moved back in? Resulting in keeping the hot air at it’s place? 2.1 If so, you would need a design to creat a constant direction air flow - something like a two below design. 2.2 I’ve got an idea for that: - move the panel in a half circle - have two entrys at each end of the half circle and one exit in the middle - so the air at the outer edge of the circle will be pushed out the exit will constantly being sucked from the entrys Cheers

      Martin WMartin Wأشهر قبل
    • I want that fan and build a PC with it, is it possible to buy one? Or maybe some kind of cooperation?

      MartinsTechWorldMartinsTechWorldأشهر قبل
    • I don't think it actually needs to be that big. Only the cross sectional area affects flow rate (aside from inefficiencies when changing direction), since if its travel is shorter it will just cycle more rapidly.

      EmissaryGW2EmissaryGW2أشهر قبل
  • Next episode... a rail gun 🔫

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  • you made it to my awesome playlist :)

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  • 😎

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  • Still waiting for this to be built into a computer...

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  • To be fair, though, perhaps one unforseen advantage to the bellows would be the overall durability of the unit due to friction points versus the number of cycles completed per minute, compared with fans. Even ball bearing fans will wear out over a period of time because of the size of the bearings versus the amount of torque applied to them times the massive amount of revolutions they make per minute (times the hours, days, weeks, months, years of use). PLUS, the one major drawback to the fans is that in order to increase airflow for a given size, one must increase speed. True, one can also increase the length and width of the fan blade, depending on cooling needs, but speed is the main component, which implies more friction over time. With a bellows system, however, while speed is one possible way to increase airflow, the primary component is volume. This means, depending on what type of cooling or airflow you need, you can make adjustments to volume first before making adjustments to speed. In theory, depending on your pumping needs, you could actually run the bellows at a slower speed and have smaller outlets operating at higher pressures, similar to voltage versus amperage to achieve wattage. Now, back to practicality, obviously a large bellows wouldn't be all that mobile or aesthetic for a typical PC, but I think it could be applied to other purposes where general longevity and maintenance of constant pressure would be preferable to speed of airflow. If you have the right flange and air storage system, could have some potential use. Although, consumption of electricity to run the system is also an important factor.

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  • "I think that's.......not a success, to be honest." The well-mannered British equivalent of saying, "SON OF A B****!"

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    • I could use a year in Britain to get rid of my Sailor's Tongue to be honest XD.

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  • I'm your weirdest fan.

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  • Somebody should make 15:18 into a meme for happiness

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  • The whole point was to make a silent cooling method yet in the end you just muffled a bunch of pumps. It's cool, don't get me wrong, but the same amount of effort to muffle fans and/or pumps in a normal cooling system would have yielded the same sound levels but with better cooling. Plus since space clearly isn't an issue, why not just make a massive heat sink? That would truly be silent.

    TravisTravis6 أيام قبل
  • I love your videos, your ingeniosity and your reactions :D In terms of cost and maintenance I would have gone with the first attempt, but exchanging the moving and static parts: I would have had a moving magnet and a set of non moving solenoids (with iron inside in order to increase and guide the magnetic field), placed orthogonally. In order to obtain a smooth movement, you need to balance the magnetic (current strength), it's evolution speed with the movement of the moving part. Ideally you put into equations the process and solve it to reach the smooth movement; you can simulate everything or just solve the thing from the experimental input (movement) and output (current). All that being said, I love the aesthetic of the final water based version. About the valve, you can imagine a switch such as a rotating cylinder with oriented holes/conducts, inside a Y tube, orienting the water flow in one direction or the other; in that case you need only one water pump and make the switch cylinder rotate. Unlike I believe what you said, the water is very weakly compressible, much less than any gas, but also more than other materials such as solid iron (which crystalizes differently to comply to the higher pressure), or even neutrons (which can merge into a nuclear pasta, see neutron stars for an example). I thought at the end of your video that you are about to reinvent the heart, which is a pump :). Does your pump miss some valves in order to avoid back flowing ? I think it is important in order to continuously renew the air inside the computer. In order to make fully silent your moving pane, maybe you can think of some sort of magnetic levitation (with at least 3 guides) or have just 3 (or more) moving in-water-magnets, or so. Wonderful video ! Keep inventing !

    Mathieu PrevotMathieu Prevot6 أيام قبل
  • I have an 💡 Let's move water back and forth to move air back and forth lol No but really there are 2 sides... Build this so it uses both sides of the chamber to create a constant flow of air in 1 direction

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  • Super impressive

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  • Awesome build. Very well done.

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  • But hey it looks cool

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  • Hi Matt, did you think about changing both upper and lower glass rods for plastic tubes, filled with water with magnet inside and a few magnets around, just like the middle tube is made? Only difference is that those tubes would be sealed from both sides. It could reduce the noise even better... Just idea. BTW, great experiment.

    Richard DastychRichard Dastych8 أيام قبل
  • I compare the thrum of the bellows moving to that of a large mechanical clock, Though I feel it couldn't be impossible to make three smaller bellows that work in offset tandem though I'd imagine they'd be compared to some sort of pneumatic piston rather then bellows.

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  • Giving me modern tardis vibes

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  • Did you just make an artificial heart?

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  • .

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  • Very interesting project, suddenly it's not very energy efficient because you need to start moving a mass, then stop it and move it again. That's an energy loss.. I need to say I haven't watched the video yet (only the preview). Whilst I was writing this comment I thought of elevators, they need very less energy due to counterweights, so maybe it's possible to create a fan that snaps back due to certain force beneath electricity. Still a very cool project, I follow you for years alredy and have also ideas for some projects, anyway keep going!

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  • You know, with some dimensions adjustment, your could build the pc INSIDE the bellows and the air following through it could do some interesting things.

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  • 9:34 in loop thanks me later

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  • What happened with the fabric test?

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  • this is so awesome

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  • wow.. I'm speechless! You're a true genius! I just tried the laptop screen project and failed somehow. I thought two 260 OHM resistors would work as well.. or maby I didn't find the right connection points.. so it didn't work. But I ended up watching more of your videos, and you are the brightest DIY-brain on ARworlds! :)

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  • This has to be the dumbest proj.... OMG!!! Subscribed! I hit the bell! (Actually I've never done that before)

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  • Very cool invention - pardon the pun. The one issue of course is that fans supply a constant airflow, which is necessary for efficient cooling.

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  • Sell Me One Lol

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  • Great video as usual Matt. I think magnets, especially the neodymium ones, still have a lot to offer science. It just needs more brains like yours.

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  • I wonder if you could use a similar solution for a magnetic camera slider...

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  • 15:16 he's adorable, he turned into a 5 y/o, so cool to se a man being so excited about something♥️

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  • I’m really blown away

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  • So... Am I the only one who's thinking of how the bellows themselves could be used as a case? With the components mounted to the central panel, with a shroud to make it flat and radiators on either side? Or maybe scrap the water-cooling idea, and go with a passive cooler with an oversized heatsink instead?

    Rafael MarkosRafael Markos13 أيام قبل
  • You need to valve a common output and dual inputs so it's double action cylinder. Double efficiency in a stroke ... so to speak.

    Peter WalkerPeter Walker13 أيام قبل
  • Like a heart beat

    C JC J14 أيام قبل
  • This is basically a Japanese blacksmith bellows. Theyve been around for thousands of years

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  • ive binge watched every single video on this channel and have rewatched them recently and came to this one, it still amazes me how excited he got after seeing it work properly, how wholesome, to the 2.9k who disliked it, i hope you have a bad day

    Yusuf UddinYusuf Uddin14 أيام قبل
  • The difference that I really see is that the bellows are more-or-less bi-directional as opposed to the fans. The fans are significantly smaller and this is definitely useful. I think that the application and implementation of each are necessary to determining all-around feasibility. Overall, an interesting concept, and I like the creativity behind it. Thank you for sharing.

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  • A constant noise is actually easier for your brain to automatically filter out than a repeating one But maybe if you use more pumps

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  • Have anybody ever told you, you looked like Charles Xavier

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  • That's basically pneumatic. Just build a small compressor inside your pc and the job is done

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  • at first glance i would think it is printing

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  • I really is absolutely bloody amazing that he actually got this to work this well.

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  • Any thoughts on building a verticle cylinder version that moves up and down? I think it could look like the centre of Doctor Who's TARDIS.

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  • WILD!

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  • If you drill loads of fish size holes in the plates, then you have just invented the self cleaning fish tank.. Your videos are very good. I love the magnetic coupling in the centre and as some water squeezes past magnet then it is self lubricating too. :)

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  • My third time watching this, and again worried when the first attempt failed and happy when he fixed it in the end.

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  • The idea, the concept, and the craft is excellent..... But at this point, might as well watercool the whole thing

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  • my man just created a hospital artificial respirator but for gaming

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  • 10:40 You look very similar to Tobey Maguire, our favorite spider-man!

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  • What it lacks in practicality, it more than makes up for in sheer uniqueness and interest. Its really fascinating and interesting and cool to look at.

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  • I love your excitement at moment of success. I'm in awe of your quest for silent mechanical movements.

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  • That moment when you have to use liquid cooling to air cool.

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  • where do i buy one like this?

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  • Spider man is that you

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  • Some of yall dont have tinnitus and it really shows

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  • iron lungs?

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  • It has too much moving mass and parts, air flow isn't constant, and it's not truly directional because it pushes air in 2 directions. There are no useful applications when normal fans or other designs exist.

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  • Worlds only? As soon as I saw this I was thinking about a hybrid liquid x bellows pc

    Utter Non-CentsUtter Non-Cents26 أيام قبل
  • One thing that I think is imperative when evaluating something like that, especially in the context of computer cooling, is power draw as well as maintenance. A water cooling rig has a problem of bacteria and heavy metal buildup, and you're putting neodymium in there directly - a lot of it. Plus you're introducing a lot of resistance with the two extra magnets on the end, which might cause the pumps to burn out much quicker than they would if they had less resistance. That being said, you're not running at blocks on those lines so perhaps you're still ending up under the rated pressure. This is really awesome. One thing I was hoping for though was the convergence of the two one way valves so that you end up with a single stream of continuous, unidirectional air flow. Either way, wow I love this channel. Everything you put out is awesome.

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  • It looks you were only measuring half of the air flow capacity since it outputs the same volume on either side

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  • True example of a total waste of time

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  • Id have it around my house

  • water cannot be compressed? same with other liquids?

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  • Have you heard of a sterling engine? Using it as a cpu cooler would seem like something you would enjoy. Cooling a pc with the heat from the pc

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  • that moment when u cant hear the sound test over ur irl computer

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  • 15:18 made it worth watching

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  • Bravo, dude. You're typically working authentically hard on everything with your awe-inspiring & perspicacious conceptions, I decided that, you're conspicuously keenly intellective, and awe-inspiring ever I visually perceived, Because I didn't realized that's genuine. I literally like it, withal I'm an author & others. well I'm part of Being Engineer who want to make futuristic ( involving very modern technology or design) without utilizing gas & others.

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  • I like the normal fans, men childhood

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  • I just discovered your channel. I’m so excited to try something new that I’ve seen here!

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  • Through this whole video I just can't help wondering if he's using an artificial sun or not.

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  • Technically nothing is weird.

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  • anyone else notice the homemade electrolyzer? (solonoid)

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  • Im just enjoying the unique beauty of it, even without a specific use.

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  • I’m not sure exactly but it looked like the bellows didn’t have a seal on the glass rod which could definitely be hindering its ability to push air

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  • brilliant!

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  • Love his reaction, I totally understand that feeling

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  • 21:40 no.

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  • I want one

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  • What about a small fan for pc and other stuff

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  • That was satisfying

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  • Yep. I'd like to see how you solve the problem that your bellows push out the air and then suck it back in as computers require constant directional flow for cooling. (A paradigm shift, maybe?)

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  • Thermodynamic nightmare. 99% energy loss.

    sersys1sersys1أشهر قبل
  • I have the "dumb motor" in my cats' water dish fountain, kinda weird seeing them power a fan

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  • Ok sure, performance is matched, but that coolness factor is through the roof!! That's the freaking coolest

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  • That tiny little periodic squeak that comes from it kills the noise for me. Rather have the monotone hum of the fan. Nice build regardless.

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  • Now compare power usage to noctua fans. :)

    sloma111sloma111أشهر قبل
  • Very cool looking but since you're basically doing a hyrdraulic system anyway to move the magnet, why not drive it was an off the shelf hydraulic actuator directly attached. It would be more efficient and probably reliable.

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  • Maybe if you focus to build some soundproof enclosure around fans? Would be also silent and way much smaller and effective. It‘s a great video though... it looks cool.. keep going 🙃

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  • Both of these are amongst the noise floor for me

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  • I need one like this when I get old and need help to breath and want to game, but it has to match my gamer setup 😅

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  • This might be a fun or test project but with research, I think this silent active cooling system might find usage in some niche but useful applications.

    Md Shahidur RahmanMd Shahidur Rahmanأشهر قبل
  • Improvement ideas: 1. for further noise reduction it would be interesting to detect the noise sources. would it help to reduce the swing speed and depth? 2. guide the air flow from both sides into a single combined exhaust channel hence achieving continous air flow. In the video you messured the flow of only one side. So your solution has the power of 8 fans! 3. seperate the inhale flow channel from the exhaust flow channel 4. to get a real continous air stream you could have multiple smaller phase shifted boxes beside each other. 5. experiment with the geometry of the surrounding box. Is it better to increase the area of the spool / slider, to have a shorter swing depth? This way you can mount the box flat on the wall. Or you can integrate the bellows system in the hollow table of your invisible computer. 6. With shorter swing length you might revive the idea of the step motor. You could also use multiple step motors in the same bellows box. 7. Alternatively you could have a slim slider and a long swing depth fitting in the available space in the hollow table. The swing could go east-west or south-north.

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  • At that point you wouldn't need a pc, the fan itself is a wow factor Edit: 9500th comment exactly

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  • what happened to this build bro, still waiting for part 2

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  • Belows are used for high temp forges instead of fans because you are pushing air through a tight space/hole that speeds it up.

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  • LinusTechTips is coming for you for weird fan for his computer built😂

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  • I can only describe this as what a nice paper printer sould be supposed to sound like

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  • I still think i‘m the weirdest fan

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