Building DIY LED lights

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Ever wondered how LEDs actually emit light? This video is for you! Also, regarding Blinkist, visit to get a free 1-week trial and 25% off premium membership!
Here's a link to the LED light array project:

And a link to the voltage regulator:
And LED:

  • But what about the CRI (color rendering index) of the ordinary LED strip? It may be far from good...

    ArsenyKaArsenyKa4 ساعات قبل
  • One important fact about LED design: The efficiency of LEDs drops as the current rises, and as efficiency drops, so does longevity - both in terms of degradation and failure. The designer should weigh the cost per LED and driver against the desired power efficiency, but usually more importantly, the desire to maintain output over time. Good cooling also helps reduce degradation. Big Clive did a nice teardown of Dubai-mandated light bulbs, which are purposefully overbuilt so as to guarantee both good efficiency and longevity. The light bulb companies hate them because they will practically never be replaced.

    Eric WessonEric Wesson7 ساعات قبل
  • As an artist I find it really hard to learn new knowledge or processes without understanding them first, so when I was trying to learn to replace the lightbulb in my drawing light box with LEDs I found it hard to follow along with the tutorials. Thankyou for this! You have helped me understand much more :)

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  • Make homemade UV light torch to sanitise floors, cloths, gadgets it's must have gadget for now. So 👍

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  • building DIY LED lights step one: buy a led light

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  • Beautiful projects, a beautiful video and a beautiful man. 10/10

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  • Is it possible to make a video about your leds powered by small solar panels ?

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  • Teacher, how do i build a GROW lighg with led. If anyone can you can...

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  • Thanks for the video, very nice!!

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  • Looking for recommendations: I want to do a custom headlight for a motorbike with LEDs, what power would you use? 5W LEDs? They will be fed from the 12V battery of the motorbike. I wanted to make a pattern of a few LEDs and 3d print the light casing. All just for the sake of learning. Thanks in advance!

    Joe CarmonaJoe Carmona6 أيام قبل
  • considering its so simple... Whoever you work for isnt paying you enough matt i love the content keep it up thank you

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  • Great video, and thanks for making this @DIYperks. However and although a bright LED is a lot a fun for cyclists, because of the powerful directional nature of the LED semiconductor, LED headlights for cyclists are a complete menace to both motorists as well as pedestrians, especially when they flash. I've noticed that when driving (I also cycle, and think it is important always to have some form of lighting on a bike after dark for reasons of safety), there is very much a tendency to keep focussing on the bright light of a cyclist rather than paying attention to the actual road, or what may be in it. I really wish more cyclists would consider this more when choosing lights for their bikes, as we all hate drivers who have the same power on their headlights. So why should cyclists be an exception to this rule?

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  • great video )))

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  • Good job ,I have subscribed..

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  • There are studys going on about led light making schoolars dumb. I didnt notice any difference to myself yet, guess its the school itself making them dumb

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  • And I like Your fern

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  • Hello DIY Perks, which kind of lense do you use in front of the LED?

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  • liked and subbed for this and the video with the 1500w cob. Thank you for your explanations. I've been playing with driverless COBs for a few years now and it'd be nice to move on to ballasted systems like these.

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  • A cool video would be a how to add more leds to a light fixture that you want to output more light such as a 4ft strip for a shop or a garage Light as well as different materials that are good for casting a smooth light rather than a clear lens, if you’re interested an want more info on my idea let me know, we can email or chat some way and I can explain more in-depth

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  • Where do i get such a power delievery Board?

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  • Can you make the high intensity led flashlight?

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  • Anyone GreatScott fan here 💓

  • I didn't saw the DIY Led...

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  • where did you buy that tripod?

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  • Hello, you have made great work on this video! My question is if I can create a little headlight and put it inside my PC case for directed lighting... I concerned about the temperature of leds, so if you have the solutions it would be very helpful to listen your propose... Thank you!

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  • Nothing more than i learned in my school so waste of time

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  • I really like these informative videos. Keep them coming

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  • You are so inspiring I’m only 10 years old and now I’m making a tv using a display from a monitor

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  • Question if someone doesn’t mind. for cree led chips like the xhp70.2 chip i want to combine a few of these with a voltage regulator but i can’t seem to find information on how these are wired when you have multiple chips. How do you wire Say 3 of these chips? In series or parallel? Also if each chip input is 6 volts and all 3 chips are wired in series does that mean it triples the input voltage to 18 volts as well? Or all in parallel & voltage stays the same at 6v? Thank you!

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  • This video is just what I was searching for , great job mister

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  • one thing I don't understand, why bothering using zy12pdn receiver board when you have a power regulator and you can control voltage and current with?

    DIY TODAY etcDIY TODAY etcأشهر قبل
  • What is a good heat sink paste for 100W and 500W LEDs?

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  • If you find the topic interesting, maybe you could look into a way to turn on and off a flashlight using a walkie-talkie (because a walkie talkie has a longer range than a remote, which is a readily available solution)... The application would be to turn on and off - at night - a beacon on the shore from a boat (on a remote lake, where there is nobody around). Or to turn on and off a beacon in the woods to find a place in the dark. Of course, it would have to be weatherproof and capable of working in low temperatures... Something similar to the airport illumination, at nontowered airports, that is controlled by the pilots using radio transmit button (click seven times in quick succession, and suddenly the entire airfield lights up)

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  • Where did u buy the type c pcb

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  • I can't tell whether I love your voice more or your videos. Both are incredible.

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  • Can u show some diy with car chargers and mouses that don't work anymore? Are there any parts from these items that v can use for something? Or are these worthless and must be thrown?

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  • What if I have a salvaged led from an old broken flashlight? I have tested it and it turns on at full brightness at 5V, on the LED itself there is only the power rating (0.3-0.5w) so I calculated the current required with a 5V power source (0,06-0,1 A) but is there a way to ensure the current doesn't exceed these values without buying electronic components? (I have some resistors, capacitors etc, also salvaged from older PCBs) I wanted to avoid buying a voltage regulator as it would defeat the purpose of using salvaged components 🤦🏻‍♂️

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  • Hey, why not show us how to make those cable tensioned track lights with those LEDS!...........oh, where can I get the defusers and lens thanks for such a great channel

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  • Can you make grow lights?

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  • Can you build a portable LED panel for photography? :D :D

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  • Which powerbank do you use in the video?

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  • Please can I get your email address and whataap number. I want to learn more and business wise.

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  • Could you turn this project to create HSS off camera flash for SLR cameras. It would be so much interesting to see it happening :). I believe you could do that!

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  • Dear DIY sir, Please make a video how make old phone into IR camera (remove IR cut filter). Along with USB powered IR illuminato that can be fitted on back of the phone. It would be very interesting

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  • the only thing more vibrant than high powered LEDs is Matt's personality :D really it's at least half the reason I watch these videos for

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  • You never seize to surprise me with new and unique videos!

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  • Thanks Matt, clear and easy to understand. I'd love to see your take on electroluminescent lighting and the possibilities. They look really cool

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  • What’s the best way to power 100 W LED? Which power supply do you suggest? As in if I get a voltage regulator which AC power adapter is best? Or do you suggest something else? Thanks

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  • Love this video as always... Love from India🇮🇳

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  • 🤮

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  • AWESOME video! I'm anxious to put some of this knowledge to use t by building set of custom lights for my RC trucks!

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  • Pls dont use something this bright as a bike light. It will blind anyone coming your way. Ive actually had to stop my bike next to the road because i couldnt see anything anymore as someone was coming my way with a far to bright bikelight

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  • 2:30 Hey, it looks like a top view of Berlin at night time. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

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  • Very illuminating... I'll see myself out.

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  • I'd like to build some LEDs for film, but don't understand what electrical component determines the refresh rate of the LEDs, to stop camera flicker. Some flicker can be stopped with shutter speeds but not rgn flicker, as there are three different sources. Amazing video, thanks a bunch @diyperks

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  • Where did you get that nice deep dish reflector?

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  • Great explanation on how LED work.

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  • I didn’t understand much of it, yet was certain it was being explained perfectly. This isn’t even an area of interest for me yet I loved the video, just goes to show how fantastic this guy is.

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  • Wao this guy has it all.Talent,the perfect type of voice for his videos,creativity and great personality.

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  • Matt you should start making LED builder kits and marketing them on your channel.

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  • I want the big led to blind my enemies

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  • He says do you ever wonder how they work , Well yeah that's why I clicked lmao

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  • One tip I am fond of is to underrun the LEDs well below their maximum current rating, and to where possible over cool them, this lengthens their lifespan and the brightness does not decline so much with age, and it is energy saving of course.

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  • not economy

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  • love your channel and videos and LOVE to watch before i go to sleep only positive reinforcement i can say is to never use the strobe light transition again when talking about leds.. even with blue light off and nightshift on i was struggling to watch

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  • If continue runs in low voltage to low light then there is no issue ?

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  • Great video my friend. Wishing I had your ability to do this type of amazing things. 😏

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  • Where is a good place to buy supplies I wanna build my own light

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  • Bright and brilliant presentation.

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  • I am a doctor from India, now I will build my own Led, thank you!

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  • Heat sink means wasting energy. What about a thermoelectric generator turning it back into electricity?

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  • Hello, please if you would, make for us an external capacitive touch pad for drawing. It would have to plug in and be recognized as a mouse. For those of us with older equipment, ie. surface RT.

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    • bluetooth works as well.

      Damon BarberDamon Barber3 أشهر قبل
  • Very Informative.

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  • The buck-boost converter used has adjustable current from 0.5 amps to 3.0 amps if I understand the the description correctly, right? I may be using it as a simple small power supply as I have 12-14 Vdc everywhere but current no control for the amperage output. Up to 3 Amps is perfect. Liked and subscribed. Retired ASE Master Tech with almost every tool. I do not want to invest in a commercial Lab power supply. I make me wonder why household LED drivers are so expensive! Rectifiers are cheap, filtering is cheap...Maybe the “UL Listing” on the back label adds $100.

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  • can you make torch or flashlight from car headlight halogen bulb 12v (they give yellow light)? if yes, please make as there is no other video making this. i searched everywhere but couldnt find. so please make powerful flashlight or torch for outdoor usage from car headlight lamps 12v halogen bulbs

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  • as always, you amaze me with your diy stuff i wish someday i could be like you

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  • On a bicycle this type of light blinds opposing cyclists.

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  • Can you provide a link to the usb type c power delivery board too please?

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  • What a great video! Can anybody link to a usb power board? I found a few types and dont know which one is right. Thanks!!

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  • Newb question to the group. The voltage regulator accepts DC. What would I need to plug the system into a wall outlet?

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  • Where did you get those individual led edison emitters? Where they harvested from an existing bulb?

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  • I pretty much live on ARworlds.

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  • Can I wire a slider on the voltage regulator inorder to avoid using the screw driver ?

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  • I would have liked a more detailed explanation of how LEDs work. After all, electrons jumping to another energy state, that's also what happens in traditional lightbulbs :P

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  • Very nice video as always. How do you feel about CRI? As a specialist in stage and studio lighting, I pay more attention to TM30 since CRI doesn’t really consider color temperature. It’s odd because at a CRI of 100 which is technically perfect, the minus blue shift is very great. To correct a 100 CRI lamp to 5600K would result in a drop of CRI, but the color balance would be much greater than the same source at 3200K.

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  • Can you build a pc inside the ps4pro by using gaming laptop component If you build can i buy it ???

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